Thursday, November 5, 2009

. . . read "Weird News"

In today's paper, I read the following bit in the "Weird News" section:

"New Zealand's Waikato National Contemporary Art Award in September (worth the equivalent of $11,000) went to Dane Mitchell, whose entry consisted merely of the discarded packaging materials from all the other exhibits vying for the prize.

"Mitchell called his pile "Collateral."

"(Announcement of the winner was poorly received by the other contestants.)" (From the Kansas City Star, November 5, 2009, Page 37.

Just to make sure that this wasn't an over-simplification or misinterpretation of actual fact, I did check out the Waikato National Contemporary Art Award site ( Take a look for yourself.

These five pieces, along with the two I posted a couple of days ago, are the 5 1/2" square chunky paintings I plan to post on my etsy site. Along with a bunch of other stuff, too. Let me know what you think.


Lauren said...

Oh, Aunt Mary! I love the colors on these! So vibrant and fun!!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

These are just great Mary!

Jazz said...

That is freaking insane it is. I mean, seriously. I don't care how qualified you are as a judge a pile of rubbish is not art. And never will be art. And then they wonder why people say contemporary art isn't art at at all. Geez.

As for your paintings, they're great! I love those.

Hilarywho said...

I've recently become a follower of your blog and I enjoy your artwork, but the photographs of the artwork are not always so great - a bit too blury often. I wonder why this is? Do you have a macro setting for close ups? Or are you maybe using the macro setting when you shouldn't and that's what causes the blur?

layers said...

The award winner is pretty typical news in the contemporary art world-- happens all the time. and your small pieces are great!

Seth said...

Such a great series. And that news story is priceless.

Mary Buek said...

Lauren: Thanks again.

Leslie: Thank you.

Jazz: Agree with you; thanks.

Hilary: Yeah, I know. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I will try to do better. . .

Donna: That's just crazy, if you ask me, but I'm not one to judge. Thanks.

Seth: Thanks. . . and yes, it is priceless.