Sunday, May 15, 2011

. . . waxed tissue paper

and tried various other experiments with the leftovers in the studio/basement? The photo above shows one of my deconstructed screen printing experiments, done on tissue paper and dipped in encaustic medium.

This photo shows a jumbled-up clump of tissue paper that got stuck together by accident and wouldn't come apart without tearing, so the whole mess got dipped in the wax.

This is the left side of a sheet of tissue paper that for weeks received the paint left over from my brushes, rollers and brayers,

and this is the right side of the same tissue paper, dipped in wax.

And just for something a bit different, this is what I see when I sit outside on my front steps. The view has improved dramatically since Spring arrived. If I could actually paint things, I would start with the wild rose bush that has just started flowering. There used to be a house in this empty four acre lot; I have seen deer and a coyote. The neighbors tell me there are raccoons, possums, and a bobcat. I doubt the bobcat, but they swear. I do have a huge cat that hangs around my house, but she's pretty tame, so I don't think she's the bobcat.

Everybody have fun tonight. . .


artistamyjo said...

Love the waxed tissue,really great look and your view is preety cool too!
Hugs, Amy

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I never thought of dipping the tissue into wax...brilliant!
Love your view. Love that you are creating!

Barry said...

Just love the incidental-accidental art - and the wax dipping seems to bind it all and yet give it a bit of mystery. B