Saturday, April 17, 2010

. . . pictured an elevator

an old abandoned (?) grain elevator, found on my wanderings during lunch.

There's plenty of inspiration here for paintings. . .

and these are just from one side of the place, and the camera's batteries went dead too soon, so I will go back next week.

I admit it. . . I'm getting a little tired of taking pictures of junk, rust, decay, falling apart things. I think I should be taking pictures of warm sandy beaches, tropical islands, the ocean, sand, sun, maybe an close-up of a margarita, blended, with salt. Kind of hard to find all that in Kansas. Maybe the margarita, though, now that you mentioned it. . . join me tonight, okay? We'll toast to Art. And anyone else who happens to be around.


Teri said...

I'm there with you! Just came back from the coast, albeit, not tropical but it was wonderful. By the way: your painting looks wonderful in my kitchen. I will take a photo and post it this week. Thanks again!

lorrie abdo said...

These photos are especially wonderful. Painting compositions without moving a thing!