Monday, September 14, 2009

. . .told some "secrets"

I'm pretty sure that no one at my gigantic mortgage company reads my blog, so I think I can say, without fear of reprisal, that there's a real possibility that I have just made my last mortgage payment. No, it's not paid off. I'm just broke. So unless I can pull a rabbit out of my ass here in the next couple of months, I'm done.

The good news is that there is a young couple mighty interested in the property, with everything hingeing on whether or not the golf course and the homeowners association will let them fence all or a portion of the yard for their dog. That's a secret, too. If you apply and say it's for a dog, it is less likely that the plan will be approved. The only fences allowed are wrought iron or electronic. The young couple claims that electronic fences don't work for their beagle, which is yet another secret. If neighbors' approval is required, the neighbors may not appreciate the existence of the beagle. The other good news is that my mortgage payments have actually decreased for the next year by almost $1,000 thanks to an adjustable rate that actually adjusted downward. No one I know has ever had that happen. I am framing the letter informing me of this, just in case someone disputes it.

The bad news is that every time I think I have the house and yard perfect, something else comes up that needs heavy lifting, hauling, or lots of dirt. I had always thought I was a fairly competent housekeeper, although in recent years I had certainly become a lot less obsessive about it. But lately cleaning up this place has completely disabused me of that notion. The week before last, I spent mostly cleaning up the garden. After the tree fell in it earlier this spring, it was a mess. It's not any more. Then last week my to-do list included cleaning the garage. One-third is dedicated to the lawn mower, a work bench, various half-full paint cans, and other household outdoor equipment. One-third is for my car. And the rest is for the toys that have accumulated for the babies. It looks like a used car lot for preschool vehicles. The other bad news is that I haven't even started on the major mess in the basement.

From what I understand of my state's laws, if the big mortgage company decides it wants to foreclose, I will still have a fairly long period of time to continue to live here and try to sell it. I have pleaded my sorry case to the mortgage company, and they have truly sympathized with me, but the fact that I don't have a steady, full-time job is a real problem for them. What they don't understand is that even if I did have a full-time real job, it would not pay me enough to continue to pay this mortgage. I would like them to let me off the hook on a couple of the payments, like maybe just tack them onto the end of the mortgage, but apparently that isn't a viable solution.

In between all the drama (mostly just going on in my mind) I do wander downstairs to work on some art. It doesn't seem serious, still just playing around, seeing what I come up with. Painting on pieces of wood or MDF or old prestretched canvases. More therapy than anything else. I know most of the readers of this sporadic blog will wish me well. . . and I thank you all in advance. I just know everything is going to turn out all right. Eventually.


Jazz said...

I'm sorry it has come to this. Fingers crossed on the fence for the beagle... I hope that works out.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Yes of course wishing you well. I hope the Beagle's parents can buy your place. Its just perfect for a Beagle...and there is a nice lofty looking place for you in an arty part of town. I've spent the last 2 weekends cleaning here. A tremendous waste of good art time, but I'm having a birthday party here in a few weeks. Houses and yards should be self cleaning!

layers said...

sorry to hear about your mortgage payment problem-- the economy is hard on us artists. And it is probably hard to paint with other stuff looming over you.

Catherine said...

I hope the Beagle family passes muster with the association and that their purchase is approved...hang in while the
Universe works everything out.

Poetic Artist said...

I hope every thing works out for you. It just has to be a new journey for you.

Lauren said...

Aunt Mary! I am sure that the house will sell, who doesn't like a beagle!? They are the most fun! And, ya know, if its a young couple, maybe they like the idea of a preschool car parking lot, they can invision their own children's cars parked there:)! I'm hoping and praying for you that you sell your house! Also I hope to see you saturday at Katies birthday party! I feel old, my little sister is 21!

Kathleen Botsford said...

Wow. I visit often but have never commented. Wow. your post totally overwhelmed me and put my own problems into proper perspective. I too thought my house was nice and tidy. It is a total mess. Where have I been living? Cruisin' down the river of deNial I guess. I will keep you in my prayers.

Mary Buek said...

Jazz: I just know the beagle will end up living here.

Leslie: It's sad that housework only gets noticed when you don't do it.

Donna: Painting, playing, is what keeps me sane, I think. Or at least as sane as I've ever been.

Catherine: I guess I am exactly where I'm supposed to be at this particular time. So I'll meditate with Betsy, who chants a mantra that goes something like "ohm biddy boom bah." Love it.

Poetic: I like that, a new journey. Exactly.

Lauren, thanks for the words of encouragement. You are just a sweetie, you know that? Hope you young guys had a great time at Katie's party. Sorry couldn't be there.

Kathleen: did you see me float past you on that river?