Sunday, August 9, 2009

. . . showed off Nora

While her mother took a conference call from home the other day, I had the pleasure and privilege of watching baby Nora. She posed for me primarily in this position. I tried to get some good shots of her little feet, her sweet little hands and fingers, and her ears, but I didn't want to disturb her sleep to reposition her, although it's not as easy as one might think to wake a baby determined to sleep. She's a peach, all right.

I just can't seem to take good pictures of my art, though. Here's one that I finished this past week. It was supposed to be 20 x 20, but it's really more like 19 x 19. I have discovered that canvas shrinks more in one direction than the other. So the finished dimensions are usually a crapshoot.
Have any of you been inundated with Chinese or some kind of oriental writing as comments on your blogs? Some have "Michael Jackson" written in English; I have translated a few of the first ones to make sure I wasn't deleting a legitimate comment, and they dealt with male sexual enhancement products. Does anyone know what is going on, and how to stop it?
Have an art-filled week, everyone.


Catherine said...

she's just beautiful, perfect

Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a beautiful baby she is. I bet she smells good! I can't take photos of art work with gloss medium - the glare is too much. I make my final coat mat medium. The glare might be keeping the auto focus of the camera from working??? As to the Chinese stuff, I just delete it.
I'm having an art filled day today. Perfect Sunday. I hope you have a good one too Mary.

artistamyjo said...

The art is great but the baby adorable....

Jazz said...

She's adorable. The art is beautiful and if you want to cut down on the spam put in word verification. I did that for a few months and took it off again because verification annoys me - so far no spam messages..

Lauren said...

Aw, Aunt Mary! She is so sweet! I know this is your art blog, and of course your art is awesome, but i love it when you put up pictures of the babies! I wish I could see them more, they are so fun! How is the house selling going?

mamadoc said...

don't open it, don't translate it
try a simple word verification system like Captcha--should knock it out after a few months
how do you set spam filters?

layers said...

After trying to take photos of my paintings with the fancy lamps and fancy camera, and taking them outside under overhangs, I have found my best photo images to be outside in direct sunlight with the camera on a tripod, the painting on an upright easel and everything level. The lamps caused glare on the darker acrylic colors.

Mary Buek said...

Thank you, Catherine. Babies are truly miracles, aren't they?

Leslie: I had a very fruitful sunday, too, Leslie. I have been taking some of my photos before I put any kind of final finish on it. Sometimes that works better, too. And yes, Nora smells delish.

Hi, Artist Amy Jo: Welcome to my blog and visit often. Nora is pretty cute, I'll admit.

Jazz: yeah, need to do the word verification thing. How do those people find us???

Lauren: Thanks, sweetie, just go over and visit them some day. The house selling sucks the big one, girl. I don't like having to have stuff cleaned up all the time.

Doc: What will happen if I do open or translate these crazy messages, because I have done that once. Is that why they keep coming? Will they highjack my bank account? What a disappointment that would be for them.

Layers: Thanks for the tip. Don't have a tripod, but will try the full sunlight.