Friday, August 7, 2009

. . . changed my focus

from painting to photography? I really do get a kick out of these picture-taking excusions, expecially when I'm able to edit the shots to get something interesting. The round disc is one of the junky things I have added to my texture-making tools.

The curving line in this photo caught my eye.

Don't know what this is. . . it looks like a wooden barrel, but I believe it is actually some sort of fabric covering. . .

Click on this picture to see why I like it. It's the side of a tall skinny concrete building on the BNSF property.

Lots of texture here, with that shot of limey green.


Jazz said...

I love the urban grunginess of your photos. I think they're spectacular.

Jeane said...

well you definitely have the eye - these are just amazing :)

DonnaWatsonArt said...

I simply absolutely love all these textures and subdued colors in these photos.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

These are fabulous! I wish I had taken them!

mamadoc said...

Photos are voluptuous--#1 and #3 are practically x-rated.
I like the BNSF building--and it's gotta be screen-size--too.

Bob Cornelis said...


Great textures - I love the way your photography and your painting is so integrated. Not too many people can convey their signature style across media boundaries so well.

Mary Buek said...

Jazz, thank you so much. I love urban grunge.

Jeane: Thank you, girl. It's so much fun especially when the end result is worth looking at.

Donna: Thank you; quite a compliment coming from one of my favorite artists.

Leslie: Thank you. I wish you had been here with me when I took them.

Mamadoc: Voluptuous and x-rated. . . WOW. I'm just the intermediary... Thanks always for your insight and appreciation.

Bob, I guess I paint from my photographs. Thanks for the comments.

Hilarywho said...

Wonderful photo abstracts!!