Sunday, December 19, 2010

. . . turned up again

. . . just when everyone thought I was probably gone for good. It has been a very hectic few weeks trying to move into my new house and get settled, and keep working at the day job. And, I will admit, it has been a difficult time, financially, emotionally, and in almost every other manner I can think of. But now it's done, or mostly done, and I have settled into the little cottage. I tried very hard not to bring with me a lot of extraneous stuff. I wanted to keep only those things that had a special meaning to me, or were beautiful and functional, functional being the key in this tiny space. I think I was only semi-successful. It's cozy and comfortable, safe and close to work. It didn't turn out to be the cool clean modern city/loft space I had envisioned, but that's okay. I've always read about rooms had stacks and piles of books everywhere, and I thought that sounded wonderful. But I learned I don't like all that clutter. All my electronic equipment is hooked up and working, so I have the computer, the television, and my music. All my family and kids' pictures are in place, too. The closets are crammed and I can see that I will need to do a serious wardrobe edit soon. Under the bed is truly a great storage space, and those Spacebags are perfect. . . I wish I had thought of them. I am working on turning the basement into my studio but that's going to take a while. In the meantime, I have been working on a canvas but it's stumped me, and I'm going to move on to something else today.

So basically, I feel like maybe once again I've avoided the wrecking ball (oh, what a tie-in to the pictures.) I made some good contacts yesterday about both my art and my photography, and met some interesting new people, so I'm feeling hopeful about the future. Christmas is less than a week away, and the girl presents I have to buy are all ready; it's the boys that just puzzle me and I have no idea yet what to get. That's one of today's projects.

Soon I hope to again post new art here. For everyone that actually reads and enjoys my rumblings and ramblings, have a peaceful and creative holiday season. Love to all . . . Mary


Catherine said...

I am so glad to *see* you...and relieved to hear that your move went fairly well. You have amazing strength and fortitude, Mary...and I wish you a better New Year.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.
You have been missed.
Pls. check your e-mail for from me.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hi Ms. Mary! Its great to hear from you. A cozy cottage with a basement studio sounds like just the ticket. Cozy means you don't have to spend much time sweeping the floors! Welcome to the new chapter of your life, and ho, ho ho!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Such news, you finally moved! I'm glad to read you again.

- Jazz

Marie said...

I've checked back often & am so glad you are hanging in. I have high hopes that all will be more than well for you in the new year.

ArtPropelled said...

I too am pleased you turned up again. Happy settling in and Best Wishes for the holiday season.

correspondent said...

Hi Mary,

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Happy holidays,
Space Savers community correspondent

Teri said...

Mary--I was just thinking about you as I dusted all my art on the living room wall and lovingly touched the pieces that I have purchased from you. They have a cherished spot right over my sofa with all sorts of other pieces from other artists too. I am happy to hear that you are settling in and I wish you a very happy new year with more art to follow.