Saturday, July 17, 2010

. . . defined the darkness

No, not the blackness of my soul, or the depths of a bad mood. No, the definition of darkness is a Target store in the middle of a torrential downpour when the lights go out.

Matt and I were in Target last evening when that happened. Some people shrieked; toddlers cried; one beautiful young girl used the time wisely to jump into her boyfriend's sheltering arms, cringeing in happy fear. I didn't see that until the lights came back on, but he looked a bit disappointed not to have had a longer time playing the hero.

The 30% possibility of showers became very hurricane-like. Apparently 60-mile-per-hour winds and hail accompanied driving rain. I was happy to be off the roads. When I got home, there was a huge limb blocking my driveway, and the the neighbors were busily using their chainsaw to cut it up. Well, it was their tree, after all, so it only seemed fair.

Here are some more blunderings. . . maybe that's the name of a series??? I'm really into monoprinting. Well, I think that's what I'm doing, anyway. Lots of blotting up paint from one surface to another. Using deli paper, cardboard, matboard, old office file folders, plastic wrap, plastic bags from the grocery store, baby wipes.

Without having to judge each piece on its monetary value, I feel pretty good about loving some of these happy accidents. I was going to say they were completely random, but they are not. . . I still choose the colors, the combinations, the direction in which I apply the blots of paint, and the parts to leave alone.


Anna said...

I absolutely love the black/white/other color ones. They are so cool looking. Kind of edgy. The two yellow/green ones are a different color for you-very bright.
So what did you and Matt do in the darkness of Target? People-watching is a favorite pastime.
Talk to you soon.
Love, Anna

Anonymous said...

John wants to know how much stuff you ran out of Target with? Did you get armfuls?

Love the paintings, especially the black/white/other color ones. Very edgy.

mamadoc said...

Hey there, the news report says Johnson County was blown away, and my emails (to you) are bounciing back.
ARE YOU (and yours) OKAY????

Uta said...

Ooh these blunderings are just fabulous. Keep blundering I say!

Miki Willa said...

These are all great. I especially like the first on and the last one. The first one just jumped out and roared "look at me, now!" The last one was more gentle and invited me to check out her great circles. Fantastic!