Tuesday, June 8, 2010

. . . created mobile gardens

Ah, yes, hope springs eternal. . . so in the hope that I will sell the house sometime, my gardening has been limited this spring to cleaning up and keeping the weeds at bay. Nothing new has been planted in the ground, not even to fill gaps left plants that didn't make it over the winter.

Everything I have planted is in pots. I know I will live to regret that when the weather heats up to 98 in the shade with oppressive humidity and blood sucking insects don't let me get further than a step or two out of the house before they attack. I will still need to water those pots.

I was inspired to create this wreath by something similar made by the designers at Red Cedar Gardens in Stillwell. It's my favorite place to visit for gardening inspiration. Most of the stuff I used was stuff I already had. The falling-apart grapevine wreath had been hanging out in the yard for a year. I stuffed it with some dirt, planted the little mossy things, crammed in a bunch of dried moss, and added the candle. Cool? I spritz it with my water bottle and hope that it will survive the summer.


Lauren said...

VERY cool Aunt Mary! This is the kind of thing you see in magazines, I love it!

Teri said...

When we were looking at homes to buy a few years back, these were the kinds of things that appealed to me in people's homes. I always noticed them and always wondered "why couldn't I do that." And, you have. I agree about the 'blood-sucking' insects! damn those things anyway! I have great aspirations of going outside and pulling weeds but when I try, I am surrounded and immediately retreat. And then I have to be a weekend warrior in the hot sun. There is no happy medium. Good luck selling. I bet it will happen soon.

Barbara said...

A lovely arrangement - creating such a beauty should should give you a tremendous boost. Selling a house is much like selling artwork: the right person at the right time comes along. Sun, moon and stars will align. Hang in there.

Sandra L. said...

I like your mobile gardens very much, especially the one with the little red bird.

We are having very hot weather right now in northeast Pa. At least the mosquitoes have not come out in full force though! (Shouldn't have said that; now they'll be on me! LOL)