Wednesday, June 3, 2009

. . .found a leaf

a redbud leaf, out on the garden path. Although it might indicate a problem with some kind of pest or disease, it caught my eye and I scanned it to share. Inspiration abounds, especially since I am kind of a "red" fanatic.

The art gallery on the Plaza called me yesterday requesting that I bring in more paintings. . . apparently it is NOT closing at the end of June, but may stay open indefinitely. Perhaps the economy is recovering a bit??? The gallery owned indicated he had a couple of pretty good months. So I took in all the cruciform paintings, a bunch of really small canvases, and a couple of others. He was nice enough to put a mention of me in the Plaza area newspaper (embarrassingly hyperbolic), and has plans to feature my work in his windows, as well as perhaps displaying them under the awning outside the shop on nice days. He has also referred some customers who have expressed interest in my art to the other venue, Art-Bidz, were my paintings join a multitude of others at a monthly art auction. I am hoping for the best, but not really expecting to get rich any time soon.

I continue in my daily quest to declutter the house, one project at a time. The closets in the extra bedrooms are done, as are the linen closets and dresser drawers. I found Stephanie's First Communion dress and veil (maybe Betsy will be able to wear these); her flower girl dress and wreath from my sister's wedding; her prom and homecoming gowns, her grade school and high school letter jackets; a six-foot tall free-standing cut-out of John Wayne; poster-sized pictures of Matt for his fifth-grade baseball team and his senior basketball team; a red monogramed sweater that Matt had when he was Joey's age; a few things that I'm sure Matt would rather I had not found (nothing illegal, don't worry); tons of old video games, CDs and video movies. Everything is sorted by kid for them to go through and take what they want. I want to say that everything left will be hauled to Goodwill, but I'm not sure I can part with some of the things that my unsentimental kids might not want. But I'm making progress on my top-to-bottom decluttering. Today is bookshelves in the den.


Jazz said...

Yay for the gallery!

I have to unclutter my bookshelves too. I wish I could just wave a wand and the clutter would be gone without having to deal with what to do with the results of the de-cluttering.

Barb said...

The leaf you found is so inspiring. I won't steal yours, but I'll be on the lookout for some inspiration of my own. Never thought to scan them - I usually take a photo, but the scan seems clear and clean. Thanks for the tip; such an obvious idea, but it never occured to me before, even though I've scanned many other things.

Decluttering seems to be a common activity for artists this spring - it gives me a great feeling of some control of my environment. There always seems to be more to chuck out, but that's to be expected after 42 years of domesticity. The kids' stuff is hard to part with - We've got boxes of memories that we'll never part with.