Tuesday, February 12, 2008

. . . broke my three-word rule

You can probably tell that I am a self-taught artist. Everything I have learned has been through reading, studying, watching, or, mostly, experimenting. I can't draw or paint realistically, and I have never had an art teacher or attended a workshop or class. I am greatly intimidated by those who can and have . . . but I probably wouldn't attend unless the class or workshop were held in my backyard, since I am also somewhat of a hermit. For many years I was too busy with kids, jobs, school, home, etc. to even suspect I had any creative impulses. When all those reasons (excuses) were no longer valid, I discovered I loved to create abstracts. I try to only make art that I would hang in my own home -- everything else is piled up and recycled eventually.

Yesterday I had the presence of mind to take along three art books to read as I waited in various hospital settings. I have had these books for a while, and had browsed through them, looking at the pretty pcitures, but it was luxurious to be able to sit and actually read and enjoy these books, which I recommend for their experimental inspiration:

Acrylic Revolution, byNancy Reyner

New Acrylics, by Rheni Tauchid

Mixed Media Collage, by Hollly Harrison

Inspirational ideas in every one of these books. I recommend them. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to put the Amazon pictures and links into this blog.

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